Johan Forsberg


Johan started his career as a sculptor in 1995 and from the beginning used a variety of different materials in his work. His main material being concrete and he spent long hours exploring and seeking the boundaries of what was achievable with it.

In 1999 he made the Grandfather clock ”Urbild” which was highly appreciated and discussed within the art and design community in Sweden. Due to the interest in and demand for the clocks Johan gave up sculpting on a full time basis and concentrated on making and delivering clocks to art galleries, public places and private collectors throughout the world.

This began the design studio ForsbergForm. Everything produced in the studio was a mid-point balance between art and design and had a very minimalistic expression. The design studio had a big part in making concrete a popular component of home decoration and a natural design item in Swedish homes.

Although he found great satisfaction in designing for the studio, Johan had an urge to go back to sculpting again, so in 2016 he returned to producing art pieces full time. His art continues to have the same minimalistic touch it had in the beginning and he uses materials and techniques in a unique, creative and adventurous way.

The journey and quest into new ways of artistic expression has just begun…